CAR RENTAL | general conditions

  1. CAR RENTER: The car renter must have on hand a valid driver’s license which is properly classified to allow him to drive the rental car. Maestrini Auto Srl reserves the right to deny vehicles to anybody who cannot demonstrate the required requisites.No ulterior obligations are foreseen regarding the car renter’s age or the driver’s license’s issue date..
  2. USE OF VEHICLE: he requested rental car must only be used in accordance with the regulations of the logbook. The vehicle should not be overloaded with items or passengers beyond what is legally allowed and stated in the logbook; the vehicle shouldn’t be used in any way that annuls the insurance covering it. The rental car should always be treated with proper care. The vehicle can be driven by somebody other than the person officially registered on the car rental contract, on condition that: the person meets all the requirements stated above (see point 1); and that it is clearly stipulated on the contract under the heading “Other drivers”, copying the personal information and number contained in an acceptable document. The person officially on the car rental contract assumes financial responsibility for anybody not authorized to drive the vehicle and any possible damage or fines imposed on the illegitimate driver. The rental car can only be driven on national territory, except upon prior accepted agreement. In case of trip abroad, outside Italian national territory, the vehicle can only be driven exclusively by the person on the car rental contract.
  3. CONDITION OF VEHICLE: The vehicle provided is in good condition and up-to-date with all the traffic rules and codes. The car renter is obliged to return the vehicle in the same condition as it was received, except for depreciation caused by normal use of it. The car renter is obliged to check the oil, coolants, break oil, ect …, every thousand kilometers driven. It is strictly prohibited in case of break down or accident to repair the vehicle by any third party not explicitly authorized by Maestrini Auto Srl However if the vehicle breaks-down, which is not attributed to the car renter’s negligence and the renter is forced to seek repair, then the he will be reimbursed for the expenses provided he has an invoice made out to Maestrini Auto Srl and handed in upon return of the vehicle.
  4. VEHICLE DAMAGE: The car renter is obliged to compensate Maestrini Auto Srl for any eventual damage to the vehicle caused by personal responsibility, negligence, imprudence, or inexperience.
  5. FINES AND PENALTIES: The car renter must pay all eventual fines, penalties, court fees, or any other possible penalties imposed by law on Maestini Auto Srl resulting from and during the use of the car rental. Damage (see point 4) and fines and penalties (see point 5) will be charged to the car renter’s credit card n. expiration date For those who do not have a credit card, Maestini Auto Srl reserves the right to ask and keep an identification document for the entire rental period. It will be given back at the end of rental period pending any above-mentioned damage, fines or penalties.
  6. DEPOSIT: At the moment of the rental car delivery, Maestini Auto Srl has the right to ask, for our own protection and guarantee, a cautionary non-interest bearing deposit. The deposit will be returned in full after the rental car has been returned, provided the vehicle is in the same condition it was delivered, and the car rental bill fully paid. Upon the vehicle’s return, if it is damaged or the petrol tank is not full, the equivalent amount will be subtracted from the deposit.
  7. VEHICLE SUBSTITUTION: Maestini Auto Srl reserves the indisputable right to substitute the vehicle in case of theft, fire, mechanical break down, or serious damage inflicted upon the rental car. In the above-mentioned situations the car renter must immediately contact Maestini Auto Srl.
  8. GASOLINE: The gasoline cost is the sole responsibility of the car renter. The rental car will be delivered with a full tank and has to be returned in the same manner. If the rental car isn’t returned with a full tank of gasoline, the cost to fill it up will be charged to the credit card on the car rental contract, and in absence of a credit card, the cost will be deducted from the deposit as mentioned above (see point 6).
  9. INSURANCE: The price includes: Personal and civil liability insurance towards third parties up to Euro 5.000.000,00 (with excess up to Euro 1.000,00). The car renter is financially responsible for any costs exceeding the maximum insured amount. The car renter is obliged to report any and every accident, that may occur during the car rental period, regardless of size and scope. It must be in writing and a detailed account of the occurrence given to Maestrini Auto Srl Maestrini Auto Srl does not insure the rented car for fire or theft. In which case, the car renter must reimburse Maestrini Auto Srl the current value of the car based on the appraisal of “Eurotax azzurro” magazine.
  10. PRICES: The price covers: Civil liability towards third parties, the driver, and the circulation tax. The price does not include: gas (see point 8) and anything else not explicitly stated on the contract.
  11. PAYMENT: The following are all acceptable forms of payment:
    1. credit card number;
    2. cash on delivery, apart for the above-mentioned provisions (see points 4,5,6,8);
    3. a minimum down payment of 500,00 Euro. It will be deducted from remaining balance, which can be paid by cash or check;
  12. VEHICLE DELIVERY AND RETURN POLICY: The car rental period should not exceed the date stipulated in the car rental contract. The rented car should be returned as stipulated in the contract by no later than 7.30 pm to Maestrini Auto Srl in Certaldo, except upon other authorized arrangements.
  13. BOOKING CANCELLATION: In the event of a request for cancellation of the vehicle rental booking before 30 days from the expected collection date of the vehicle, the user loses the advance paid (deposit) and will be required to pay up to 30% of the total booking. If the total or partial cancellation takes place within 30 days, the user has no right to any refund and will be required to pay the entire booking amount. total or residual.
  14. FORO: Any dispute related to the car rental policy or provisions with Maestrini Auto Srl will be exclusively dealt with by the Foro of Florence (Florence Tribunal).

I the undersigned hereby declare to have read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions of this document. With my signature, I hereby relieve Maestrini Auto Srl of any eventual responsibility of damage to the rental car caused by myself, animals or other things.


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